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[SOLVED] Re: Is GeForce FX5200 any better than GeForce2 MX/MX400

Larry Roberts

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      Jul 15th, 06, 3:10 PM
On 15 Jul 2006 02:01:31 -0700, Removed) wrote:

>My computer installed video card is GeForce2 MX400. My extra video
>card is GeForce FX5200. Is FX5200 any better than MX400? I tried
>both video cards. I don't see any
>significant different. FX5200 is known to be little expensive than
>I don't know if anyway FX5200 any better than MX400.

If the FX5200 has a 128bit memory bus, then it should be
faster, however problably not a huge difference. If it has only a
64bit bus, then you roblably won't notice much of a difference. The
only thing is the FX5200 supports DX9 pixel shaders, while the GF2
cards don't, but because the FX5200 is so weak, any games that use it
play very slow.
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