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[SOLVED] Re: FSB Speed and Memory speed


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      Sep 7th, 03, 4:18 PM

>I am looking at building my first system, and I have a question related to
>FSB speed and memory speed. For example, if I were to get a Biostar M7NCD
>that supports either PC2100 (266), PC2700 (333), PC3200 (400), do I have to
>be running my FSB at the matching speed to take advantage of the faster

For immediate advantage yes.

> For instance, if I would get a AMD XP 1800 such that I run by FSB at
>266, would it be a waste to go for the PC2700 or PC3200 (unless of course I
>plan to upgrade the processor in the future)?

I would get the fastest. It could run more stable and you can add a
faster CPU later for very little. Now that chips are plummeting. The
2500+ Barton was $83 at newegg a few weeks back. Run with PC3200 RAM
that over clocks perfect at 3200+!

When your PC gives a little they give a lot.
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