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Re: bluescreens and registry errors after a power failure

Michael Hawes

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      Sep 17th, 06, 9:38 PM

"Michael Rasmussen" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Lost power for 2-3 seconds last night. After the PC came back up XP
> would bluescreen just after the XP startup logo appeared. It would do
> this no matter what startup mode it was put it--safe mode, safe mode w/
> command prompt, LKG, etc.
> So the system was booted using the XP install CD. Started up the CD's
> recovery mode, and did a chkdsk on the boot drive. It detected errors
> and reported it had fixed them.
> The next reboot went further into windows but gave an error
> (paraphrased) "the windows registry has been corrupted, but the backup
> was successfully processed". Clicked OK and the system booted up
> and ran normally.
> Subsequent reboots are problem free and the bootlog shows no unusual
> errors. Is there anything else to be concerned about, anything that
> should be checked?

Run chkdsk /f again to be sure all errors fixed. Otherwise, all OK,
that's what windows takes copies of the registry for.

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