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Re: Upgraded to 3GS, but problems transferring information


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      Oct 5th, 09, 12:38 AM
In article <W67ym.987$(E-Mail Removed)2>,
"(E-Mail Removed)" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> Greetings,
> I just upgraded my iPhone to a 3GS from a first-generation model.
> I would now like to transfer all the settings and apps from the
> first-generation iPhone to the new one.
> The staff at the Apple store told me that I simply need to connect the
> new iPhone to the iTunes programme where everything is backed up from
> the first-generation iPhone. This was simple enough, but then it asked
> me for a password in order to further proceed.
> I tried to use my regular password for the iPhone account, but it told
> me that this one was incorrect.
> To be honest, I did not know that there was another password. If there
> is, then I don't know what it is.
> Can anybody advise how to proceed from here?
> Many thanks in advance.

As a start go to the iTunes site and do the 'forgot my password' routine
- that way you can be sure you are entering the right password.


2nd, you can put your sim in the old iphone and from settings you copy
info re contacts to the sim.

Then re your apps you should be able to register your new phone to your
account and download all the apps for free if you are not able to sunc
them from itunes

Also, you can always ask itunes support for help, and of course Apple

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