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Re: "Crap" iPhone App Making $200/hr


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      Jan 24th, 09, 4:14 AM
Disaster Manager <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in news:7ce7b37a-4d81-4571-
(E-Mail Removed):

> "Crap" iPhone App Making $200/hr
> Written by iDev Guy
> Thursday, 22 January 2009 17:59
> AppleInsider has a funny story of an iPhone App Developer who wrote an
> app in 20 minutes and is [now] making $200/hr.
> The app is Sound Grenade and sells for free on the App Store.
> Its developer had earlier written 20 other apps but wanted to try
> something different by developing an app that can annoy other people.
> Sound Grenade as the name suggests plays a heavy pitched sound and
> that's it. As per the developer, it is a 10-line code app! The app has
> reached the 2nd spot in the top free apps category based on a
> sustained downloads of 100,000 a day. After hitting the top 10, he
> decided to put up some ads and based on millions of ad impressions, he
> is making $200 an hour! According to the New Zealand based programmer,
> the App Store is like the YouTube of the software. AppleInsider quote
> him
> "I've got to make apps to be in the game. Every idea that I don't
> do, for being too rubbish or stupid, could have been in the top 100."

Oh, no. The Maemo hackers will have the clone up in no time, just like "I
Am Free":

a clone of "I Am Rich", which sold to these dummies like hotcakes at
$1000/download at the app store!

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