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Re: Wow! Am I different


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      Jun 19th, 10, 4:31 PM
On 2010-06-19 07:30:53 -0600, Per Rønne said:

> Megabyte <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>> Well Apple in general and the iPad specifically takes a different
>> approach than Microsoft. Outlook includes a number of functions;
>> Email, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Notes combined in to one large
>> program which in the Apple and iPad realm translate in to separate
>> Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Notes Apps. Mail, Calendar and Contacts
>> will sync directly with MS Exchange but you'll need an app and sync
>> solution to deal with tasks and notes. To my knowledge there is not an
>> integrated App similar to Outlook to date available on the iPad but you
>> can achieve similar functionality using separate apps. I have my Mail,
>> Calendar, Contacts and Tasks Apps on the home row and so simply hitting
>> the home key allows me to switch quickly between those Apps.

> I'm using Pocket Informant for calendar and tasks - though I also use
> OmniFocus [Mac & iOS only] since no proper task sync to Mac is available
> for PI yet.
> The existing Contacts database is integrated into PI, though not
> perfectly - but it is getting better.
> A PI for iPad should be out soon. At present, it is an iPhone app only.

For Task Management I've been using ToDo combined with Appigo Sync as
well as Things on both the iPad and Mac. I'm looking forward to the
release of OmniFocus on the iPad which is due for release this month if
Omni Group is on schedule.

I use the standard Contacts App and sync with Google Apps or Exchange.

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