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Re: trash question


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      Jan 3rd, 12, 12:05 AM
Jolly Roger <> wrote:
> In article <jdscln$3h3$>,
> Erilar <> wrote:
>> Jolly Roger <> wrote:
>>> In article <jdqk1p$4pj$>,
>>> Erilar <> wrote:
>>>> I discovered not long ago that mail I was deleting on my iPad was piling up
>>>> in "Trash" on my iPad, even though it had been deleted from my computer AND
>>>> from my ISP mail. This apparently dates to the last "up"grade (NOT iOS5)
>>>> I allowed. I have since discovered that, after deleting it from my inbox,
>>>> I CAN get rid of it by deleting it AGAIN from "Trash". Does anyone know
>>>> why I have to delete everything twice?
>>> Put the iPad into the trash. Then you will no longer need to worry about
>>> the problem.

>> Bad New Year's Eve?

> That depends. Did you put your iPad into the trash?

Why on earth would I do something that idiotic? You are being excessively
grumpy even for you today. Too many fireworks? I celebrated by getting 10
hours' sleep myself. 8-)

Erilar, biblioholic medievalist with iPad
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