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ZipTie's In The House.....

THQ Newbie

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      Dec 27th, 03, 9:05 AM
Been a lurker for a while and I decided to go for it and sign up. Nice site and I will have some q's for you soon. My brother upgraded and threw this system at me for nothing so this is my test mule. Its MY first system and I know its not a great setup but the price was right and so far it doing a great job for me. Thanks in advance everyone.

Celeron 1.0, 512Mb of RAM, 60gig HD, Radeon 8500, WinXP Home, CD/DVD and CDR/RW 16x10x40, SB Audigy LS, Logitech Z-640 5.1 system, 17" CRT..............
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      Dec 27th, 03, 5:29 PM

Learn about the man behind the screen.

J&R Ogden Photography
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I'm Baaaackkk!!

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      Dec 27th, 03, 9:28 PM
Hey there! Welcome!

"This area of living can only be lived by living it." - Mr.Cheese
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