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Playing Counter Strike Source on Windows 7 Problems


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      Dec 30th, 09, 2:36 AM
Hello Everyone at THQ,

As the topic states Counter Strike Source is giving me problems when I am trying to play online. I just upgraded to Windows 7 cause I was really getting annoyed with Vista. My Laptop performs a million times better and I love it but in Counter Strike Source it hangs up and laggs. I thought it was my unstable wireless connection I was getting from my buddy a few doors down but after I upgraded to Windows Seven I went out and got my own Sprint Connection. I even got there enhanced internet for gaming.
I don't think its my internet connection that is holding me back but my ping is usually in the stable 100's-120s and it stays in that range. I get 100 frames per second in game but it shows me getting a lot of loss.

Here are my computer specs:
Machine name: SEANS-BABE
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_rtm.090713-1255)
System Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
System Model: HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
Processor: AMD Turion(tm) X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile ZM-87 (2 CPUs), ~2.4GHz
Memory: 6144MB RAM

Video Card:
Card name: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650
Display Memory: 3831 MB
Dedicated Memory: 1016 MB
Shared Memory: 2814 MB
Current Mode: 1366 x 768 (32 bit) (59Hz)

I went to and ran there test on my Sprint DSL connection:
Download: 1.87mb p/s
Upload: .81mb p/s

I even have there enhanced gaming package. Any help would greatly be appreciated.


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      Dec 30th, 09, 3:49 PM
Have you downloaded the latest Catalyst drivers for your gfx board from, or are you using whatever came with Windows 7?

When you say lags, do you mean the action stutters, or you mean lag in network traffic?

I guess it's because I haven't had my coffee yet, but I just want to be sure whether this is an issue with the network or with graphics. If the latter, check your drivers. If the former, how's your firewall settings? Router/modem? Using OEM drivers for your (presumably onboard) wireless or Windows native? Have you tried a wired connection to see if the problem persists?

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      Dec 30th, 09, 4:49 PM
I take it you have net_graph 3 enabled from the console? What kind of choke are you gettting?

Are you getting any kind of lag from any other Steam game? What if you just played CSS with just bots on a server you setup? [DLP]
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      Dec 30th, 09, 6:04 PM
Thank you Core and Goober for the thoughts.

@Core; I will take your advice and make sure I have the latest AMD/ATI drivers.
As for describing the lagg, when I play it does stutter. Its usually not for a couple secs but like half a sec and the screen just seems shakey. Its deff noticeable and annoying.
@Goober; Yes I do have net_graph 3 enabled in console. I have played the original Counter Strike and CZ and it doesnt get hung up or anything
I am usually getting anywhere from 0-20 choke. My in and out are really funky as well.
Also I am plugged in threw a wired connection although I do have wireless enabled. I have a Sprint Modem which hooks up to my Cisco Wireless Router. Are my internet speeds not good for gaming? Thanks again for the replies guys

I installed the newest drivers for AUDIO and VIDEO. I even went to the Sprint Store on base to make sure I was recieving the upgraded version of there internet for gaming and I wasn't so I now have that. My ping has lowered into the 60's which is nice but I am still hanging up when I play. It is not fluid like it should be. On net_graph 3 it shows me getting 0 choke but then all of the sudden I will be moving and my fps goes from 90-100 to 35 and then I get 1 choke or maybe a little more. Is there anything I need to do with windows 7 to make gaming better?


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      Apr 4th, 10, 10:55 PM
what settings are you using in-game? they may have defaulted back to som higher settings during the windows change? i also had troubles once but when i used the native resolution for my monitor there was much less lag...
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