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      Mar 23rd, 05, 8:46 AM
Hey, we're having a XBOX LAN Party like tomorrow and I was just wondering that is it possible to run a Dedicated Server on a PC that all the XBOXs can use?

Here, I'll explain better:

XBOX -> |------- |
XBOX -> |SWITCH| --> PC (Linux - Connected to Switch)
XBOX -> |------- |

And then Have the Linux Box run a Dedicated Halo Server for the XBOXs that the XBOXs can use.

Is this possible?



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      Mar 23rd, 05, 1:48 PM
Hah, yea right. First what is crazy about that idea is you want to connect a Microsoft Xbox (and MS game) to a Linux box?

Second, it's not possible at all. All you need is some Xboxs, a switch and some TVs. Now you could configure each Xbox for statics or hookup a DHCP server (or router) and feed the Xboxs IPs.

You can be a host AND play at the same time with an Xbox.

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      Mar 23rd, 05, 11:48 PM
There really is no point in that setup. As James said you can host and play on the same xbox, and there really is no lag issues with that what so ever. Just set it up like so:

XBOX -> |------- |
XBOX -> |------- |

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