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[SOLVED] Re: System won't bootup


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      May 4th, 04, 9:58 AM
Deshi Miah wrote:
> Hi my AMD 1800mhz, 256RAM, 40g HD, ATI Rage Pro, dual monitor gfx card
> won't startup. When I try to bootup nothing comes on the screen. I
> have tried replacing the gfx card with another card to see if that
> does anything but no results.
> I left it off a day and when I tried to bootup, it went through the
> startup process but just before windows came on it crashed and it
> won't bootup any more.
> As nothing is displayed on the screen, I have no way of trying to
> resolve the problem. I tried to bootup using a startup floppy disc,
> but it went as far as selecting, bootup with CDROM option and it
> crashed, could it be the BIOS?
> After it crashes it wont come back on, unless you leave it off for a
> while.

Is the CPU fan working? If not then it could be the thermal protection
kicking in which explains why it will start if you leave it for a while.



> Can anyone suggest anything I can do to narrow the problem down to
> anything.
> Many thanks in advance.
> Deshi

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