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Re: Occasionally my new home-built PC won't POST.


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      May 8th, 08, 7:55 AM
rpgs rock dvds wrote:
> On 6 May, 18:37, "Derek" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>> "rpgs rock dvds" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in messagenews:(E-Mail Removed)...
>>> The power appears to be OK (power LED comes on, case fans work), but
>>> LCD remains blank. However if I turn the PC off then on again, all is
>>> well for the rest of the day. Next morning, sometimes I get the same
>>> symptoms.
>>> V. quick spec = 520 PSU, Asus P5K mobo.
>>> Although I built it myself, I'm still a bit of a thicko with all of
>>> this stuff, so I'm not actually too sure where to begin looking for
>>> potential problems. I thought (perhaps stupidly I'm not sure) that it
>>> could be something wrong with the USB wireless mouse keyboard thingy
>>> I'm using - maybe it's failing and the BIOS is most unhappy about it.
>>> But as the case has no speaker (I think), I don't hear any BIOS beeps,
>>> which is a shame because that could point me in the right direction.
>>> I've also got an eSata cable plugged in the mobo with nothing on the
>>> other end of it ATM. Could that confuse the mobo so much as to
>>> prevent a POST?
>>> Sorry for rambling, best regards, Robert.

>> Not familiar with the board but worth checking in the bios in case there is
>> a "halt boot on faults" option tho' even in that case you would still expect
>> a single beep before it gets that far down the boot up routine. A badly
>> seated card ( the older agp boards without the extra clip were poor for
>> that) or chip can sometimes hang a system prior to boot so start with a bare
>> board and keep adding until it fails or is it not that predictable?
>> any more folks?
>> Derek- Hide quoted text -
>> - Show quoted text -

> Thanks - I'll check the BIOS to see if there's a "halt boot on faults"
> option.
> This fault's a bit tricky to track down as it only seems to occur
> approx once a week in the morning when I first boot-up.
> Interesting re: badly seated card/chip suggestion - I have an nVidia
> 8800GT gpu with a E8400 Intel CPU - nothing special there but I have
> lashed-on two gigantic ThermalRight coolers to them both, and I do
> just wonder (due to their sheer weight and size) whether it's messing
> up the way the gpu card & cpu chip sits on the mobo.

I have a huge Scythe cooler on my CPU and it doesn't affect the way the
chip sits. I don't know if the E8400 would be any different than my
Phenom but it's being cooled just fine. You should be okay
> Best regards, Robert.

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