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Re: New Dual Core System Giving Me Grief

Jim Hollis

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      Jun 16th, 06, 12:07 AM

"Gordy" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:lPkkg.10556$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Stuck my new mobo/cpu/ram in my pc today and it all fired up first go
> which i was dreading wouldent happen lol.
> Anyhow after a full day of reboots and xp installs i have some hardware
> problems causing the following problems....
> When installing XP (tried an sp1 and an sp2 cd) i get the following error
> after xp reboots for the first time to run the install its just bunged on
> your hard drive.
> 'Fatal Error
> An error has been encountered that prevents Setup from Continuing.
> One of the components that windows needs to continue Setup could not be
> installed.
> A components file does not match the verification information preesent in
> the components manifest.'
> I use these cds frequently so know they are not faulty and all files can
> be reads fine.
> After a reboot xp seems to continue installing but i get the odd message
> come up saying it cant find a file, even tho its there i simply have to
> press retry but this isnt normal behaviour so i mentioned it.
> In windows proper once installed with all drivers i get the infrequent
> Also once a rar archive extracted corrupt. I done it again and it was
> fine. Thought id mention in case relevant (probably)
> Have spent half the day trying each stick or ram on its own in different
> slots etc and the below symptoms happen all the time regardless so im
> guessing the ram is fine as its unlikely both would be buggered. I was
> very carefull during install not to touch any chips etc and frequently
> grounded myself.
> Am sure its not an overheating problem as i played a few 3d intensive
> games including Half-Life Episode 1 for quite a while with no problems.
> The BSOD seems to appear when just doing normal everyday windows stuff
> load installing etc.
> As i write this tho i have just had a thought. My xp, sp2 install is quite
> old now and i was thinking maybe i need a quite recent version to support
> my P4 Dual Core and that this could be the problem as the installer code
> and windows software cant quite work with it 100%? Is this a possibility?
> The new hardware is as follows...
> P4 Dual Core 3gig 930 cpu
> ASUS P5RD2-VM with onboard sound/radeon x300/lam etc
> Corsair Value Select Ram 2 x 512mb dd2 667mhz 5300
> Thanks for looking.
> Gordy

Are you using a new cd rom drive? Thats the problem. Had this many times and
its always the problem.

The new cd rom drive cannot read your old xp install discs

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