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Re: Need to screen speaker magnet?


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      Apr 4th, 04, 1:46 AM
*Vanguard* wrote:
> "Cuzman" said in news:c4m9j9$2jpc5u$(E-Mail Removed)
>> "John P" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>> news:94C07DD016138451E@
>> " What problem arises if the speaker magnet is not screened? "
>> If you have the room, how about something like this....

> Nice idea. However, calling it a "stereo" speaker kit just because it
> has 2 speakers is stretching it a bit when the speakers aren't farther
> apart than your eyeballs. You'd have to be very, very close (like
> pressing your nose up against the case) to get any stereo separation.
> But if all you want is some sound that moves with the case without the
> hassle of toting around speakers and routing their wires then, yeah,
> it's a solution, I guess. At that point, however, I'd just use a pair
> of headphones. I already do that at work. Imagine the cacophony if
> everyone at work sitting in the cubicle farm had speakers.

I use two of those, one in each of the two machines on my desk (XP Pro and
98SE (for legacy games) and KVM switch). I have a scanner, printer. KVM and
an ethernet switch on my desk already and the last thing I needed was two
sets of speakers and the attendant wiring. This alternative makes for a tidy
desk and I'm not all that fussed about the quality of sound in games. That
being said, there are certainly differences between these types of things.
One has a really good sound, a curved front that pivots to point directly at
you if you're sitting off-centre with the left/right speakers facing a
little to the sides which helps with the stereo sound, and a
good-sized/speced main speaker internally, ported externally (2+1 system).
It actually manages to reproduced mid-bass reasonably well. (I make sure it
isn't near HDDs or FDDs as the magnet on the 'bass' speaker is quite large,
I have it above my top optical drive) I can play mp3s using it at a pinch
and it sounds as good as some portable radio/CD players. The other unit just
sucks arse, crackles at anything above a quarter volume and sounds tinny.

The 'good unit' I would highly recommend. It produces a good sound
considering the limitations, runs off a Molex pass-through power lead, has
an external headphones socket, volume control and loudness button. (No
brand-name on it unfortunately). The '****' unit is called a 'Soundisk",
runs off a FDD-type power lead. (And, ridiculously, instead of a headphones
socket, it has a aux/in socket). Neither of them is featured on that page
from what I can see.

JME with these devices. I Like the better of the two units I have, it
produces as good sound as a lot of low-end external PC speakers and keeps my
desk tidy. I wish I had more of this model, I'd never use externals again.
(I have a PC hooked into a stereo that is used solely for mp3 play-back).

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