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      Aug 13th, 03, 6:55 PM

"Steve" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:3f3a68de$0$965$(E-Mail Removed).. .
> Hi
> I took out the soundcard of an oldish PC to check the serial for

> the right driver, after I put it back and replaced the case, I switched on
> and it was completely dead. It was working fine before. I took off the lid
> again and the only thing that moves when I press the on/off button is the
> fan. It just flutters a bit. Anyone help? I can't bin it as it's not mine
> Steve

Have you tried booting it without the soundcard you have just put back?
Might be worth making sure everything is seated correctly like vga card,
memory, processor and any other pci cards. Are there any bleeps when you
turn the computer on?

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